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Bunny Coupon Policy: Bunny Coupon.com provides complete safety to the privacy of its users. This privacy policy explains every bit of how Bunny Coupon.com works and interacts with its users. It also explains how your information is used and how we safeguard your details. We request you to go through our privacy policy completely to understand our Terms and Conditions.

Personal Information: Bunny Coupon.com collects your personal information through different mediums. This information includes the details of user sign-up and email. Your personal information is saved in a text file and your email information is required to send you details about new offers and discounts. Your interest is also saved to make sure you get the deals according to your interest. This information helps us provide you the amazing deals and discounts. When you sign up to our website your information is stored so when you visit the next time, the server provides you the best deals and discounts keeping your interest in the eye. Your personal information is safe with us. This information is never misused or published on the website. It is saved in our servers privately.

Children and Privacy: Bunny Coupon.com has products available for children but it is highly recommended that parental guidance is provided to children. Bunny Coupon.com has nothing to do with children under the age of 13 so the use of our website by children under this age is prohibited or allowed in parental guidance.

Cookies: Bunny Coupon.com may develop and use cookies on your device for faster working. These cookies are used for better usage and performance and you are notified accordingly of the usage. Bunny Coupon.com may also use a Double-Click cookie to access non-personally identifiable information via Google Analytics, such as Demographics and Interest Reporting. You can avoid Google Analytics tracking for all websites by clicking here. You can check further details about Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting just report here.

Third-Party Advertising Cookies: Your device cookies may also be used by some websites to provide you with a better interface and give you the products according to your search and interest. Cookies may be saved by websites so whenever your visit the website you are provided with the best products according to your interests. This Privacy Policy just addresses the consumption and exposure of data by Bunny Coupon.com through your connection with the services. Different websites that are available through connections from our Services may have their own particular security articulations and individual data gathering, revelation hones, and utilization. Business and traders may have their own particular protection explanations, as well. Please properly check the privacy policy of the websites you are linked to for your own safety.

Public Information: Bunny Coupon.com provides you links to different stores whose products we publish. While accepting the privacy policy and cookies, you should be careful while you visit these websites and you should clearly check and understand the privacy policy of these websites before providing any personal information or contact details for your information but be misused. Please note that any information you provide to these websites becomes public and we have no control over this information so be sure to read the privacy policy before you disclose any personal information.

Contact Information: Whenever you feel any trouble or you have any other concerns about our privacy terms not mentioned above according to your view just send us a message at info@bunnycoupon.com or use the chat option provided on the website. Our team will respond as soon as possible with the best help.



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